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Six NWU students link arms at a "Let Love Overwhelm Fear" event.

Private Nebraska universities push to promote diversity, inclusion

Diversity remains a vital topic in the United States, especially after a summer filled with social unrest. Private universities in Nebraska recognize its importance,...
This is a photo of Luis Olivas Herrera. He is the assistant director of the University of Nebraska at Kearney's office of diversity and inclusion. The office handles diversity initiatives at the university.

State universities work to enhance diversity on campuses across Nebraska

In Nebraska, many of the state’s public universities have departments committed specifically to diversity. Such departments exist at the University of Nebraska at Kearney,...

Podcast: Nebraska’s racial past and present

By Odochi Akwani, Kylie Graham and Brenda Maytorena Lara Nebraska's racial past and present is a three-part podcast exploring...
Students walking past social distancing sign

COVID-19 protocols differ across the Big Ten, impact is difficult to determine

by Jared Long, Libby Seline, Sydney Brun-Ozuna and Dylan Widger Inside a red brick dorm on the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s campus in late September, students...
Nebraska Voting

Nebraska voters a reflection of national picture

By Audrey Brooker, Brent Bartels and Will Stone For the first time since the 2008 Presidential Election, the state...
Nebraska News Service Podcast logo

Podcast: Active Academia

by Andrianna Jacobs, Jacob Schoening and Grace Fitzgibbon At universities around the globe, research is part of the educational mission. Research drives discoveries, solves real-world...

COVID-19 paused process for family to become foster parents

Gena Winkles and her husband, Casey, wanted to adopt for years.  The Lincoln-based couple started the process in August 2019. Gena said she felt like...
Family prepares to adopt a foster child

Unexpected pandemic helps family find missing piece

When Nicole Lyman was asked to foster a child who needed an emergency placement, she immediately knew it was God calling her to grow...

Adapting to adopt: Pandemic affects families fostering, adopting

by Natalie Saenz, Elsie Stormberg and Grace Trexel Since COVID-19 began to affect Nebraska in March, Kelsey Hans’ job as a caseworker for the Nebraska...

Family becomes official despite COVID-19 delays

Erin Konecky’s nose doesn’t look like it did when she was 8 years old. After her family got into a car accident with a drunk...