Fireworks go off and coaches shake hands after Nebraska wins against BCU
Nebraska celebrates with fireworks for the 45 to 9 win against BCU on October 27, 2018 (Photo by Josh Wenger, NU Communications)

The UNL Athletic Department is taking several measures to reduce costs in the 2021 Fiscal year. The measures will help limit the financial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Department will reduce its expenses by around 10% in the Fiscal year 2021, which begins July 1.

One of the cost-saving measures will be a reduction in around 10% of Nebraska Athletics administrative positions across the Department, according to Athletic Director Bill Moos in a Friday press release. In addition, the department employees get no merit increases and the administrative units will be asked to reduce their budgets by 10%.

Moos said none of the sports programs’ budgets will be increased. Coaches are encouraged to build a more regional non-conference away schedule, which will limit public exposure and allow for lower travel costs. All staff travel, except recruiting, will be heavily restricted over the coming year. Moos said it’s important to keep everyone involved with the department safe.

“We attempted to institute measures that would minimize the impact on the student-athlete experience,” he said. “While many of these necessary changes are difficult…we hope that they will be the only ones necessary in the months ahead.”

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