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“Nebraska schools and COVID-19” is a podcast focused on how schools across Nebraska are affected by COVID-19. In it, reporter Kylie Graham speaks with members of the school community about their experiences.

Episode 1: Student teaching

The Gibbon Public School district has made changes this year, based on the Center for Disease Control’s recommendations. The result is extended outdoor recess time, frequent cleaning and disinfecting and masks. Abigail Heller, a student-teacher at Gibbon Elementary School, shares the challenges and successes of student-teaching.

Episode 2: Special education

Special education students often have different needs than the rest of the student population. Remote learning, mask-wearing and social distancing are not possible in many cases. Penny Brown, a special education supervisor for the Grand Island Public School district discusses how the district adapted to COVID-19 regulations and resource teacher Jen Kurpgeweit shares how those plans are working in the classroom.