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About the Project

For this in-depth project examining the impact of climate change on Nebraska, the College of Journalism and Mass Communications opened the rigorous application process to all UNL students. In the end, 20 students drawn from seven different colleges representing 13 different majors were selected for the yearlong project. Students enrolled in the spring semester will focus primarily on problems associated with climate change – including its impact on Nebraska’s agriculture, livestock, wildlife, public health, waterways, national defense and religions. Students in the fall 2020 semester will focus primarily on a range of potential solutions to a variety of climate change issues – including renewable energy sources, sustainability initiatives, no-till farming, carbon sequestration, nuclear fusion and stronger environmental laws.


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The Impact on Livestock and Wildlife

Droughts and floods have the potential to significantly threaten the nation's leader in meat production and its wildlife.

impact on water - Climate Change 2020

Managing Our Water

Too much water, too little water and the Ogallala Aquifer are all concerns for Nebraska.

impact on health - Climate Change 2020

The Impact on Public Health - Mental and Physical

Climate change poses a variety of health problems often targeting the old, young, poor and isolated.

Hard Rain Fell  - Climate Change 2020

A Hard Rain Fell - At What Cost?

A look at the billion-dollar damage from last spring's flooding and who ends up paying for it.

impact on politics - Climate Change 2020

The Politics of Climate Change

An examination of how language impacts culture, and culture impacts language.

impact on national security - Climate Change 2020

National Security

Flood waters and rising sea levels threaten Nebraska's and the nation's defense systems.

The Science - Climate Change 2020

The Science of Climate Change

Scientists worldwide are making the case that climate change is here, it's real, and it will get worse if nothing is done.

impact on agriculture - Climate Change 2020

The Impact on Agricultural Crops

A look at the impact of prolonged droughts and floods on farmers and their fields.

impact on religion - Climate Change 2020

The Role of Religion in Climate Change

A variety of faith leaders discuss their roles and responsibilities in a warming world.

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