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Nebraska News Service is committed to providing the best possible experience for all of its users, including those that rely on assistive tech to view the web. As such, we have compiled a changelog of accessibility improvements and will continue to update it as features are added. If you feel like something is missing, or have a suggestion about how we could improve our accessibility, please fill out the contact form below.

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    V1.1: 7/8/2019

    • Menu completely overhauled for better keyboard navigation
    • Removed unneeded/invalid aria-roles
    • Moved “search” aria-role to parent container instead of search link
    • Unnecessary alt-text removed from placeholder and story images
    • Removed unneeded heading tags from the list of Featured Stories
    • Reorganized heading orders for better nesting and readability
    • Added aria-label to give context on comment bubbles for screen readers
    • Moved pagination label right next to the page links for added context
    • Images with accompanying links are now skipped in the tab-index so that links are consistently tabbed through for each story

    V1.0: 5/17/2019

    • Automated alt text – added as a fallback in the even it is not specified by a post’s author
    • Resolved a known issue with contrast in headings, category titles, breadcrumbs, and other hierarchical elements
    • Improved contrast for text across the site that was previously too light for some users to read
    • Added an accessibility toolbar for toggling extreme contrast and increases in font size
    • Removed redundant title attributes that provided little benefit to assistive tech users
    • Added missing aria-label attributes to <input> elements for better screen reader support
    • Added ‘aria-label’ attributes to icons, buttons, etc. that don’t use text to better define their purpose
      • Also added ‘role’ attributes where appropriate to better define context
    • Added skip links to aid in navigation for keyboard users