Tuesday, November 28, 2023
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National artist showcases experimental work at IGNITE forum

Man stands in front of a projector
Alexander Dupuis, an artist, musician and multimedia creative spoke at the April 16 IGNITE forum hosted by the University of Nebraska's Johnny Carson Center...

Farm real estate values continue to grow

Farmland prices skyrocket as demand continues to climb. The sellers' market has benefited from a squeeze on the supply of available parcels. The preliminary...

Succession planning key component in agriculture

Only 30% of family-owned businesses pass on to the next generation, many are liquidated due to a lack of a succession plan. Family farms...

Forum addresses export markets, international partnerships

Participants at the Learn International Nebraska webinar forum Feb. 22-23 sought to bring awareness of Nebraska's export markets and international partnerships in a discussion...

BeefWatch webinar helps farmers, ranchers ensure cattle growth

Image: Brian Bulin
Weekly webinar series discusses research and tips for cattle Farmers and ranchers who allow their cattle to feed on corn residue, the leftover corn after...

Nebraskans want out, seek to hunt and fish during pandemic

Game and Parks
Will the pandemic get more Nebraskans to hunt and fish? As more Nebraskans are looking for ways to relieve stress of the pandemic, they are...

Investing in renewable energy sources for Nebraska

Nebraska's public power is looking to move toward renewable energy for the future.
Job creation, economic benefits require expanded, upgraded transmission grid Nebraska’s wind energy potential ranks third in the country, yet falls in the middle when it...

Voting for judge retention in Nebraska

Nebraska News Service
Nebraskans will be voting for judge retention during the general election on Nov. 3. This video seeks to inform voters on what it is and why Nebraskans have it.

Studying abroad goes virtual

The Education Abroad Office at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln has had to reimagine study abroad programs during COVID-19. International travel has stopped and will remain...