Monday, September 11, 2023
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Hello! I'm Carly Jahn and I'm a senior journalism major and I'm minoring in criminal justice at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Besides reporting for Nebraska News Service, I also work as a news editor at The Daily Nebraskan. I'm interested in investigative journalism and giving people a platform to share their voice.

Celebrating 45 years of clown mania in Plainview

A lot of clown dolls on a stand. Clown dolls in the background on different bookshelves.
With a $1 offer for a building planned to be torn down, a history and collection of red noses and big shoes were born. The...

Nebraskan physicians calls attention to hardships of endometriosis

Dr. Abby Delaney is sitting and smiling.
Painful, heavy periods. Sharp, stabbing pain. Infertility. Although endometriosis affects about one out of every 10 women, there is still no known cause or cure...

UNL grad student passionate about helping conserve monarch butterflies

Miyauna Incarnato, squatting in a grass field.
As the heart of the monarch butterfly migratory flyway, Nebraska plays a significant role in the lives of the endangered species. And University of Nebraska-Lincoln...

COVID-19 deaths cause challenges for grieving loved ones

Six doctors and nurses in scrubs and wearing face shields, facing various directions in a room at the COVID unit.
When a loved one dies from COVID-19, it can worsen the grieving process, Nebraska health professionals say. A great deal of guilt can come from...

Nebraska legislators face a wave of conflicting abortion bills

Senators in legislative chamber
As the U.S. Supreme Court considers the fate of Roe v. Wade, Nebraska lawmakers will face a range of abortion bills that will either...