Tuesday, November 28, 2023
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No shoes, no service? Not exactly; barefooting is growing lifestyle trend

Layne Stanford sits on a balcony with his feet up while on vacation in Mackinac Island, Michigan.
Walk a mile in someone else’s shoes, or lack thereof. That's a credo that might interest 59-year-old Layne Stanford of Plattsmouth. He's part of a...

With only weeks left in session, constitutional amendment to take Nebraska...

State Senator Steve Erdman talks with State Senator Ben Hansen on the floor of the Legislature. Erdman wears a navy suit, a white button-up shirt and a tie with stripes resembling the American flag. His official senator pin is pinned to his left shoulder.
Time is running out on a constitutional amendment that would change Nebraska's form of government. Nebraska is the only state to have a one house...

Holiday honoring Omaha native Malcolm X proposed for Nebraska

Senator Terrell McKinney on the floor of the Nebraska Legislature
Nebraska senators are considering a bill that would implement a new holiday for Nebraska.  LB 53 proposes that annually on May 19, Nebraska would honor...

Human breast milk bank proposed in Nebraska for mothers and hospitals...

State senatory for Nebraska's District 3, Carol Blood stands on the floor of the legislature, January 9, 2023
A bill to bring a human breast milk bank to Nebraska would help give mothers and hospitals easier access to donated breast milk for...

Integrating virtual reality into physical therapy

A physical therapist using the Virtual Reality Lab to test one of their therapy games
Physical therapy can help improve the range of motion and coordination in many children with disabilities. But, when the tasks become too simple or...

Longtime Lincoln columnist makes a difference with “best job ever”

Cindy Lange-Kubick, columnist for the Lincoln Journal Star.
The clock ticks away at the early hours of the morning, each jerky movement of the minute hand counting down to the end of...