Monday, March 13, 2023
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Emily Diesing is a senior journalism major at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

College students question active shooter drill benefits after Michigan State University...

An image of the Michigan State University spartan mascot above a red heart with the University of Nebraska logo is posted to UNLPD’s Facebook page
The recent shooting at Michigan State University that killed three students and left five critically wounded has prompted college campuses to look closer into...

Lincoln educators work to prevent, detect ChatGPT-generated writing in classrooms

The chatbot was asked "What is ChatGPT?" and the AI’s response was "ChatGPT is a large language model developed by OpenAI, which is capable of generating human-like responses to natural language inputs. It is based on a transformer architecture and was trained on a large corpus of text data using unsupervised learning techniques. The model has been trained to understand and generate text in a wide range of domains, including general knowledge, current events, literature, and more. It is designed to simulate a conversation with a human and is used in various applications, such as customer service, language translation, and chatbots."
In November of 2022, an artificial intelligence company, OpenAI, launched a chatbot called ChatGPT, which gives users the ability to ask any question and...