Saturday, September 9, 2023
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Ellie Kuckelman

Ellie Kuckelman is a senior journalism student at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with a minor in Spanish. Ellie has a passion for telling stories through both words and photos. She currently works for Nebraska Communications as a sports photographer.

Entering Everett: A neighborhood of diversity, strength and community

A young African woman wearing a black coca-cola sweatshirt and a gray beanie sits with her face in her hands and a friend's tattooed arm on her shoulder coming from the right.
It’s Sunday afternoon in Everett, a neighborhood located just south of the Haymarket. Residents begin to make their way to a corner and line...

Food waste fuels climate change: How buying local can help

A white plastic fork is sharply in focus, laying on a dirt ground with some blurred trash visible in the background.
Think back to the last time you rinsed off your plate, cleaned out the fridge or took out the trash. Can you remember how...

Celiac disease is on the rise: How Nebraska farmers, health professionals...

A sorghum field with with plants standing upright and the bronze sorghum grains ready to harvest with a bright blue sky in the background and scattered clouds.
Twenty years ago, gluten-free products were a rare occurrence on grocery store shelves. Many who adhered to gluten-free diets were forced to order things...

A step beyond organic: Two Nebraska farms embrace biodynamic agriculture

A red cow with two white horns stares straight ahead, surrounded by hay.
Beth Corymb is a fourth-generation farmer living in Scottsbluff. Although she grew up on her family’s farm, she was not always sure that was...

How Lincoln’s minority women business owners confront challenges and build networks

Liza Mendoza in her east Lincoln gym
Corinthia Fisher started her Lincoln hair salon two years ago in the middle of the pandemic.  But for her, the hardest part of building her...