Tuesday, November 28, 2023
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COVID-19 paused process for family to become foster parents

Gena Winkles and her husband, Casey, wanted to adopt for years.  The Lincoln-based couple started the process in August 2019. Gena said she felt like...

Food truck showdown raises money for charity

a guy talks on the phone with a line of people near by
Two Lincoln businesses came together Nov. 5 to raise money for local charities. Muchachos owner Nick Maestas and Rutabagas owner Sarah Brown hosted a food-truck...

Webinar series educates farmers and producers on best practices

Image of cow looking into the camera with three other cows nearby in the background
The Nebraska Extension, designed to provide research-based answers to the agriculture family, hosted its first-ever “BeefWatch Webinar Series” through the month of October.

Why some families are now homeschooling

Image of a homeschool mom with three children on their first day of school surrounding a sign that says "Ginger Mountain Academy (our school for giant redheads)"
Families begin homeschooling during COVID-19 Kristi Harlen of Lincoln was nervous to tell her friends who children attend public schools about her family’s newest decision...

A weekend at the AppleJack Festival

Image of a couple wearing masks comparing apples at Arbor day Farm
Nebraska City celebrated their 52nd annual “everything-apple” festival, drawing in people from across the state. COVID-19 brought new challenges but the Arbor Day Farm has used those to their advantage.