Friday, September 8, 2023
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Kaylee Brodd is a senior journalism major at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Eve Lanik’s journey of becoming a local business owner and artist

A young woman with long brown hair stands in the middle of a white wall that is decorated with a circular black mirror, a small silver heart shaped mirror and white strings. She is wearing a black long sleeved underneath a white tank top with a black pattern on it.
Eve Lanik became co-owner of the locally owned and operated business Eyes of the World Imports two years following her college graduation. Within the...

A traveler’s guide to historic restaurants in Nebraska

A yellow shack-style building has a white sign with Lee's in red print. In front of the building is a green ATM next to the door that leads to the entryway. Also to the right is a white picket fence that is next to a small window.
When long-time customers go for a bite at Lee's Chicken in Lincoln, manager Denis Khan says he thinks something special happens.  “I like to refer...

How Lincoln, Omaha elementary schools are using social-emotional learning to resolve...

An illustration of a green field at night with a bunch of yellow and white stars in the sky. In the field, on the left side is a cartoon brain holding the hands of a cartoon heart.
Student behavioral issues are nothing new to teachers, especially in an elementary classroom. However, Nebraska public records show increased classroom disruptions in some Nebraska school...

The debate rages in Lincoln about tipping etiquette

A tablet screen that has a row of 3 blue buttons with the options $1, $2 and $3. The second row has two buttons, one with a "custom tip" option and a second with "no tip." To the right is a piece of white paper with a list of the teas the cafe offers.
Not getting tipped is nothing new to Crescent Moon employee Madeleine Bailey Friederichs, but she’s recently noticed a growing frustration on the other end...