Wednesday, November 30, 2022
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Governor Announces New Health Restrictions Due To COVID Surge

Gov. Ricketts holds news briefing on Nov. 12.
Gov. Pete Ricketts announced a new phased health restriction plan for the state on Nov. 13, due to a surge in COVID hospitalizations. Nebraska is...

State officials prepared to distribute COVID-19 vaccine

State officials in Nebraska are preparing to distribute a COVID-19 vaccine, once it becomes available. The plan includes three phases and comes at a...

Lincoln-Lancaster County Focused on the Future

Believe it or not, Lincoln could have a population similar to that of Atlanta by 2050. Plan Forward is the name and theme of...

Winter Could Pack a Punch This Year

close-up photo of a tree branch covered with ice
Nebraska is no stranger to extreme weather conditions, especially during the winter months. Sept. 22 marked the start of meteorological fall in the United...

Trump Versus Biden: It Could Be Nebraska’s Choice

With the 2020 Presidential Election less than 50 days away, most national polling points to a Joe Biden victory on Nov. 3. However, the...