Wednesday, March 22, 2023
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Nebraskans are wild about adopting critters — rodents, birds and more

An orange guinea pig named Lettuce sits inside an open white and purple cage. The guinea pig has its head sticking out and claws on the wire where the cage door is open.
Last year, Omaha's Nebraska Humane Society and Lincoln's Capital Humane Society took in over 1,400 animals that were not cats and dogs. "Little critters"...

Two-man crew bill brings railroad contracts to legislature

A train is moving across a country railroad crossing. There is a stop sign and railroad crossing signs in front of two sets of railroad tracks.
Nebraska Legislative Bill 31 would require every freight train in Nebraska to have two crew members–the conductor and engineer–in the cab when traveling. Sen....

2021 harvest boosts Nebraska economy

Man drives a combine during harvest
For many Nebraskans, this time of year means holiday preparation, but for some, it means harvest season and a huge boost for the economy....

Veteran Tom Donahue’s story 55 years later

By Kloee Sander In his early 20s, Vietnam War veteran Tom Donahue flew into enemy territory to save soldiers in mostly outnumbered and desperate...

Falls City Hot Air Ballon Festival

0   Four thousand visitors arrived in Falls City on Saturday, June 19 for the annual Hot Air Balloon Festival.  Ten local vendors sold a variety of...