Tuesday, November 28, 2023
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Reclaiming Native land one bison at a time

Bison at Pioneers Park in Lincoln, NE
The American Bison has long been of significance to Native American culture. When bison were nearly wiped out at the end of the 19th...

Easter bunny faced new competition this year

Kiara Libal filling Easter eggs for paying clients to hide them in their backyards for Easter.
The Easter Bunny had competition this year as Kiara Libal took its job by hiding Easter eggs for families in Ashland and the surrounding...

Sunday with a scientist goes to space with a focus on...

A group of people gather around a table to learn about classroom events.
Scientists from across Nebraska came to educate the general public on astronomical eclipses through their research in the field with a series of demonstrations,...

Bill to restore pheasant populations puts bounty on their nest predators

The image shows the Nebraska State Capitol Building in front of a clear blue sky and three bare trees in front of it.
A new bill, LB 400, proposed by Sen. Tom Brewer of Gordon, would put a bounty on all nest predators, including the badger, coyote,...

Video: Underwater views of the UNL scuba diving class

A scuba diving student in front of a pool
  A look into the not-so-traditional classroom of the UNL scuba diving class, where school takes place in the pool.