Picture of original charter members, sitting against in the wall in a row and holding hands.
Pictured here are the women who started it all, the original charters or Kappa Delta Chi. (Left to right) Jissell Cruz, Cristal Franco Granados, Nancy Nguyen, Sahsha Lovermi, Guadalupe Esquivel, Melissa Moreno, Ana Perez-Senic, Jessica Romero, Luisa Valencia, Yajaira López-Villa and Yesenia Cabrera. Photo by Maria Valdez

Leaving friends and family when you start college in a different town or state is a big transition. Many college students come looking for their home away from home. Finding your place is not an easy task. Feeling like you are out of place in such a big university can be intimidating. 

This is why in the spring semester of 2017, a group of eleven women decided to form an interest group in hopes of finding and starting their new home at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. After searching for the right fit, the founders of the local Kappa Delta CHI (KDChi) chapter set out to establish the charter and created an interest group, and called it EMERALD. 

Kappa Delta Chi Sorority, Inc is a national Latina-founded sorority. Its mission is to develop character professionally and aim for academic achievement. The females of KDChi dedicate their time to community service, with special attention to the Hispanic/Latino communities. 

EMERALDS is named after the stone of KDChi’s national sorority and after a year of completing requirements, they were officially charted at UNL on December 1, 2019. Since then they have added seven more sisters with hopes of growing even more.

“I wanted to grow in aspects of teamwork, communication, and leadership,” said Alondra Iturbide, one of the newest members of KDChi. “It was the right fit because of their values, the opportunities to network and their emphasis on service to the community with help of our values of unity, honesty, integrity, and leadership.”

Community service is a key component of their mission. They have completed 480 hours of community service over the past year. The sisters of Kappa Delta Chi also put a lot of focus into academics and a welcoming sisterhood for an even more rewarding experience. This group of women knows how important it is to network, and as Alondra said “KDChi would give me the opportunity to network with professionals.” 

The ladies of Kappa Delta Chi have made their mark during their first year of chartering by creating events for the public to attend.

“Every fall we host the Cultural Extravaganza, an event that showcases Hispanic culture with food, music, and traditional arts and crafts that you can create and take with you,” said president Sahsha Lovermi. “Last fall we had people recreate quetzals, the national bird of Guatemala.”

This is just one of the ways KDChi brings awareness to all Hispanic culture and show representation from all over Central and South America and not just Mexico, and this type of cultural awareness is what the women of Kappa Delta Chi consider to set them apart from others. 

For now, the ladies of KDChi are doing what they can for their community

“During this semester we are volunteering at People’s City Mission and The Arbors,” Carolina Saquiche said. “In April we are looking forward to our founders week and our “Meet the Penguins event” where we introduce the new charters of Kappa Delta Chi. What is different about us from other sororities is we have a transparent rush process, which means people can know that you are rushing Kappa Delta Chi and not have to wait to be revealed as other sororities and fraternities do.”

One of the original charterers Jissell Cruz says, “we want to share our message with more people and visit high schools to let them know who we are as a sorority.”