The elevators on the first floor of Andersen Hall.
University police are called out to a person stuck in an elevator once or twice a month.

Elevators get stuck sometimes.  On Dec. 4, the elevator in Anderson Hall on the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s city campus encountered one of those times.  

I was the sole occupant at the time.  

Thirty minutes before I was released from the elevator, I was waiting on the third floor.  I looked to a group of students in the hall and said “I’ve never liked the sound of this elevator.” As I stepped inside the door started closing prematurely. I pressed the button for the first floor and waited.

Two minutes passed and the elevator had yet to move.  

I had already tried both the “door open” button and “door close” button. I pressed the call button and the UNLPD dispatcher came over the intercom “UNLPD, is everything alright in the elevator?”  She was very direct, and very professional. I informed her I was ok and that the elevator was stuck. She then sent an officer to my location and informed the elevator company’s maintenance department.  

About ten minutes after the officer arrived, the elevator started moving and opened up in the basement of the building.

This is the standard operating procedure for when an elevator gets stuck on the UNL campus, according to Sgt. Craig Teply.  If there is a more urgent situation, Lincoln Fire and Rescue is also called.  

He said officer is dispatched to a stuck elevator on average once or twice a month.