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Preparations for Spring Graduation Have Already Begun


Graduation Photo 300x166 - Preparations for Spring Graduation Have Already Begun

For some students at UNL, they’re coming to the end of college, and ready to take the next step in their careers.

Even though graduation doesn’t occur until the end of the semester, the planning for the commencement ceremony has already started.

 UNL graduation faculty said graduation planning is an extensive process, so they start early to work on things like graduation applications, diplomas, the grades of students, and communicating the preferences of the students for the ceremony.

Gail Meyer, UNL Associate Registrar, said that planning for graduation begins at the start of January.

“It’s a full semester of work, what I can tell you right now is that the university commencement committee is going to have their meeting next week and we will review what happened in the December commencement, and then we do our planning for May commencement.”

Lynn Deline, the UNL Bookstore department manager is also a part of the graduation process. 

Deline manages the cap and gown orders, and said her work first starts by gathering the number of students that are going to be graduating.

“I’m trying to get numbers for graduation announcements so we can know how many to order and have those available for the students to purchase”

Deline said that this semester there will be over 1,000 cap and gown sets sold and distributed to students getting bachelor’s, master’s, and PHD students, so it’s crucial that things are planned ahead of time. 

The faculty lend advice to students close to graduation to start preparing early as well. 

“It’s really all about planning ahead and being prepared, and if you do that, then their final term here will go seamlessly,” Meyer said.