Video: Library exhibit highlights 150 years of university history


As the University of Nebraska-Lincoln wraps up its N150 celebration, the Heart of Campus exhibit at Love Library South details the history of the institution through documents and artifacts.

Most notably on display are replicas of the Charter document, archival photos and a model of the university’s first building, University Hall. The exhibit also includes a timeline featuring significant moments throughout the years.

University Libraries Outreach Archivist Traci Robison said she enjoys connecting current students to the university’s past.

“One thing I really want is for students to see the part that they play in university history and to really understand that what they’re doing here today, someday is going to be the university’s history,” Robison said. “We really want to build and continue to grow our collection of student groups and student experience on campus. So my hope is that seeing what students were doing 100 years ago, that maybe those students didn’t consider history at the time, will help create some awareness of students to see that they’re part of an ongoing legacy.”

The display will be in place only until the end of the year, but more information on the university’s history is online at the Archives and Special Collections website and social media. Watch this video for a peek behind the scenes at how this exhibit came together.

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