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With hands-on classes closed, senior fashion design major not dwelling on missed opportunities

Free course with French designer, work on personal brand filling the days


Sahsha Lovermi classes at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln cannot be completed from the comfort of a couch through a Zoom call.

Although the senior fashion design major’s usual class sewing projects came to a pause, Lovermi decided not to dwell on it and found an outlet.

For the past month in quarantine, she’s found spare time to start her own personal business and take extra classes online through the French fashion school IFM.

The class is free and the first online lecture kicked off on March 30. The course is titled, “Understanding Fashion: From Business to Culture.” The only thing you need to do is register for the class on the website FutureLearn.

“It’s interesting to see how fashion schools abroad teach,” Lovermi said. “I don’t have that opportunity to sit in a classroom to learn this but this online course is a good alternative.”

Designer Simon Porte Jacquemus teaches the class.

“Not everything is bad I guess,” Lovermi said. “I look up to Jacquemus and now I get to learn about fashion through his lens.”

The four week long course covers a diverse number of fashion topics related to business, social issues, subcultures, the press as well as culture.

“I’m glad many other schools are offering these free courses that cover basically any topic you can think of,” She said. “It’s a way to stay busy during times of uncertainty.”

One of the valuable lessons she has learned by taking the online course taught by Jacquemus is investing in your personal brand.

“I would only do required design projects for school,” she said. “I think this is the first time where I have sat down to do what I love freely without a rubric or class requirements to worry about.”

Lovermi started planning out her personal design business and portfolio. Although she does not have access to the sewing lab on East Campus anymore due to the campus shut down, she’s been working with what she has at home.

“I made a call out on my social media platforms,” Lovermi said. “I do all kinds of custom design pieces, anything you need I can make for you.”