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Nebraska stickers on a table

UNL student incorporates Nebraska into her small business, ShopMegAnn

As University of Nebraska-Lincoln college students prepare for final exams, Megan Shipman is taking on another task by running her own small business on...
Man standing outside of the Pinnacle Bank Arena in his gap and gown on the day of his graduation in May 2020.

Why students are traveling overseas to study in Nebraska

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln is home to more than 3,000 international students who make up approximately 10.9% of the total student population.  Eight years ago,...
a group of broomball players with a large banner signifying that they won the national championship

UNL Broomball team wins Collegiate National Championship

The UNL Broomball team won the American Broomball Alliance Collegiate National Championship on April 24 after competing in the National Championship tournament in Minnesota...
Khalil Sultani sitting on a rock at the University of Nebraska Lincoln.

Fasting and schoolwork: Muslim students at UNL share Ramadan challenges

Pushing your mind to focus when your body hasn’t had any food or water all day is a difficult task, one that Muslim college...
The large screen in Andersen Hall's brand new lobby.

College of Journalism and Mass Communications sees major transformation in past five years with...

If you are currently a senior at the College of Journalism and Mass Communications, you’ve likely noticed that Andersen Hall looks a lot different...
Miyauna Incarnato, squatting in a grass field.

UNL grad student passionate about helping conserve monarch butterflies

As the heart of the monarch butterfly migratory flyway, Nebraska plays a significant role in the lives of the endangered species. And University of Nebraska-Lincoln...
Large group of people celebrating at a bar

Local bars benefit from Greek life ceremonies

As the second semester progresses, Lincoln bars are experiencing an increase in business on Monday nights because of pinnings. During the 2022 spring semester, bars...
Performance artist Tim Youd sits at his typewriter in the Adele Learning Commons on the University of Nebraska-Lincoln campus

Performance artist honors historic Nebraska author by retyping novel

Tim Youd, a performance artist from Los Angeles, spent six days at the beginning of April retyping the Willa Cather novel "O Pioneers!" on...
Group of husker venture fund students on a staircase presenting a big check to a local lincoln company called Sentinel Fertigation

Husker Venture Fund: Providing opportunities for local business and UNL students

A local Lincoln startup business called Sentinel Fertigation, which focuses on achieving environmental sustainability through fertigation technology, received a $25,000 check last December in...
Group photo of organizational members and band members from Yung Gravy

UPC brings popular guest speakers to the heartland

Bill Nye, Cody Ko, Demetrius Harmon, Yung Gravy, Carli Lloyd and Noel Miller. All prominent figures in entertainment and culture, and all were brought...