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A man in black t-shirt with the word “formal” in white letters stands on the patio of Theta Xi Fraternity looking onto R Street.

“Sticker shock”: Greek house values skyrocket after review. The tax bills come next.

Greek chapters at the University Nebraska–Lincoln saw their building values jump nearly $1.2 million on average in one year, according to data from the...
Ronnie Green in his office. Photo by Connor Wieseman.

UNL chancellor retiring after seven years on the job

After seven years of being the University of Nebraska-Lincoln chancellor, Ronnie Green will retire at the end of June.   Green sent an email to UNL...
Clothes hang in a line along a corridor. On the right side hangs a red t-shirt and black gym shorts. The center outfit depicts a long sleeve blue and red striped sweater and baggy pants. The last outfit on the far left shows a long sleeve black shirt and black skinny jeans. Next to each outfit is a white paper square framed with an outer black square. The inner white square tells the story that goes along with each outfit. The photo is taken at a diagonal angle.

Survivors share their stories at “What were you wearing” exhibit

Jacqueline Gomez entered the ‘What were you wearing’ exhibit quietly. She walked through the corridors in the low-lit room. She took her time viewing...
A redbrick Catholic cathedral is illuminated by the setting afternoon sun.

UNL students discuss their religious journeys in wake of reported decline among the young

Despite spending nearly the first two decades of his life deeply rooted in religion, Baruch Michaels has increasingly drifted from his faith since coming...
A group of students gather in a classroom for a photo. They are huddled around Chancellor Ronnie D. Green and standing in front of a projector screen that reads, "Husker CARE Peer Educators".

University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s CARE office relocates, sees notable success in inaugural year of relationship...

Last fall, a University of Nebraska-Lincoln department piloted a peer-education program aimed at educating students on topics of sexual and relationship violence. Having seen...
An image of the Michigan State University spartan mascot above a red heart with the University of Nebraska logo is posted to UNLPD’s Facebook page

College students question active shooter drill benefits after Michigan State University shooting

The recent shooting at Michigan State University that killed three students and left five critically wounded has prompted college campuses to look closer into...
A luscious bed of roses laying beneath the UNL gateway.

Research team awarded largest arts and humanities grant in UNL history

Faculty members from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln have been awarded a $1 million grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. Over the next four...
The chatbot was asked "What is ChatGPT?" and the AI’s response was "ChatGPT is a large language model developed by OpenAI, which is capable of generating human-like responses to natural language inputs. It is based on a transformer architecture and was trained on a large corpus of text data using unsupervised learning techniques. The model has been trained to understand and generate text in a wide range of domains, including general knowledge, current events, literature, and more. It is designed to simulate a conversation with a human and is used in various applications, such as customer service, language translation, and chatbots."

Lincoln educators work to prevent, detect ChatGPT-generated writing in classrooms

In November of 2022, an artificial intelligence company, OpenAI, launched a chatbot called ChatGPT, which gives users the ability to ask any question and...
The cover of World citizen: Journeys of a Humanitarian. It features a blue color on the right side and a photo of Jane Olson with one of the women she met in her travels. The left side is a beige with quotes from readers.

Author visits UNL to share her recent book and how to touch readers’ hearts

Experiences are the foundation of any story; they are reflected and shared with others. Jane Olson, a volunteer and storyteller, shared how to touch...