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News from diverse voices throughout the State of Nebraska.
(From left to right) Valentina Zaluzhna, Liubov Vodolazka, Lida Savka, Anna Akulenko, Liudmyla Takhtai and Petro Akulenko sit together in the Suzanne and Walter Scott Great Hall at the Durham Museum in Omaha on April. 20. They sit next to a bronze statue of a little girl. Two people, a man and a woman, sit on the right of the statue. The man is wearing a brown collared shirt, a backpack and blue shorts. The woman is wearing a blue top and black pants. The other four women sit on the left. From left to the right, the woman wear a purple top with flowers and purple pants, a black sweater and black shirt with black pants, a gray shirt and jeans, and an orange striped shirt with black pants.

Refugees in Lincoln share their stories about war in Ukraine, transition in U.S.

When the Russian forces occupied the city of Kherson, Liudmyla Takhtai remembers mostly the chaos. Hospitals closed. Food scarce. Police no where to be found....
Portrait collage of Black students in a photo studio.

In Black hair, Gen-Z students find expression, identity, concern

Nebraska is one of 19 states that have passed The CROWN Act to address issues of race and discrimination in the United States.  The CROWN...
A redbrick Catholic cathedral is illuminated by the setting afternoon sun.

UNL students discuss their religious journeys in wake of reported decline among the young

Despite spending nearly the first two decades of his life deeply rooted in religion, Baruch Michaels has increasingly drifted from his faith since coming...
Safiulla Arsala, in a black hoodie, and Poe Dee, in a grey suit, smile in front of a logo for the Catholic Social Services of Southern Nebraska.

Refugees share journeys from overseas conflict to community empowerment

Lincoln resident Tut Kailech spent the first two years of his life as a malnourished infant in a Kenyan refugee camp. He was the...
A group of people gathered at downtown festival

Full-powered Hispanic broadcast radio finds success in Central Nebraska

Raúl Arcos-Hawkins starts his morning the same every day— tuning into Fiesta 94.5.  “When I get up, I’m listening to it. When I’m getting ready...
Pictured here are two hands showing off their nails in front of a green bush. The nails are in the shape of a coffin and each nail is a different color. The colors include dark green, light green, coral and soft pink. The nails feature a 3D application in the shape of flowers. Each flower is surrounded in rhinestones.

Lincoln nail artist getting national notice for her work

After her parents opened a salon in Crete, 15-year-old Evie Le vowed she’d never do nails.  But nearly 10 years later, at 24, Le is...
Meylin Espinoza sits in the middle of room testifying in front Business and Labor Committee all seated in a round desk.

DACA recipients crucial to Nebraska’s future, business and community leaders say

Nebraskan Meylin Espinoza’s dream, like other college students, is to one day be an attorney, but as a recipient of a Deferred Action for...
With her Apple laptop to her left and black headphones wrapped around her head, Castillo point at her audience. Blue lights flash beneath her and as she also adjusts her DJ controller.

Lincoln woman brings fresh sounds to Latinx club scene

Growing up in a Colombian-Peruvian household, music played an integral part in 22-year-old Tania Castillo’s upbringing. There were many mornings throughout her childhood when...
Numerous members of the Bahá'í Community gathered together to celebrate the Bahá'í New Year.

How Baha’i communities across the state are celebrating the Baha’i new year, Naw Rúz

More than 45 Bahá’í communities across Nebraska started their 19-day fast in preparation for the upcoming Naw Rúz, the Bahá’í new year on March...
Three desert red tortillas filled with shredded birria meat, oozing mozzarella cheese overlap eachother and are topped off with freshly sliced onion and cilantro. Alongside is some cut radished and a white dish filled with red birria broth with more cilantro and onion trickled over the top.

Dippable social media trend: Quesabirria tacos trending in Lincoln food scene

Throughout the history of Mexican cuisine, people have found unique ways to reinvent the classic taco. More recently, social media platforms like TikTok have...