Friday, October 22, 2021


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Pierce Fire and Rescue works to save community

Asking someone to risk their life, work for days on very little sleep, leave their family in a time of need, and...

Neighborly Love Shown in Pierce after Flooding

Pierce, Nebraska, native Kelli Sindt will never forget what happened about a week after the March floods. “I was...

Madison County Extension Educator Expands Role After Flood

Walking into the Madison County Extension Educator’s office, it’s easy to feel welcome. In the corner office, teddy bears lie on the...

Out of the Ordinary

A resident from Osmond, Nebraska, had her life flash before her eyes, but it wasn’t a flash. The fear lasted over 24...

Opinion: As the FEMA Deadline Passes, Who was Left Out to Dry?

Now that the June 19 deadline to apply for federal aid has passed, Nebraska and Iowa natives can no longer apply for...

Opinion: The Five Things You Should Know about the Green New Deal

And a brief aside about why many of us may not know them yet. The Green New...

Norfolk Mayor Shows Different Perspective After Flood

Many people know Nebraska has to rebuild following the March floods, but most don’t think Nebraska needs to rethink.

More Water is Coming: A Look at the Platte Basin

Not often is Nebraska described as a bathtub, but to Carlee Koehler and the Platte Basin Timelapse team, that is exactly what...

Onions, Four Wheelers and Emotions: A Fullerton Farm Story

As the wind rushed over Tony Lesiak’s farm, I picked yet another onion from the ground and stuck it in my mouth....

Flood Takes Backseat in Columbus

If Columbus farmer Ed Klug had his way, his name wouldn’t appear once in this story. Klug cared more...