Tuesday, October 19, 2021


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Quail Run Golf Course Suffers Devastation

Think of the perfect picturesque signature part of a golf course. The perfect hole right along the river in between a grove...

Fullerton Farmer Looks for Hope; Courage

Tony Lesiak admits he was a little nervous about being on camera. He was nervous about eight journalism...

Lending a Helpful Hand

When flood waters closed roads to Nebraska City in March, the First Presbyterian Church knew exactly what to do.

Midwest is “Bullseye for Climate Change.”

Most of the Midwest is still flooding even after one of the most devastating floods in history happened...

Pulling Ourselves Up by Our Bootstraps

Communities around Nebraska are beginning to see the long term effects of the flood that devastated many areas...

The Agriculture Side of Devastation

With vast land, and few citizens, it may seem Nebraska has little to offer at first glance. However, at...

Cass and Sarpy Counties Suffer More Flooding

Two months after the historic flooding of March 2019, Cass and Sarpy counties in eastern Nebraska are being flooded by the Platte...

Shaken But Not Stirred

At 5:30 a.m., Dave Kracht rose to start his morning routine and found his house was quickly...

Column: The Why Behind the Story

The word ‘flood’ is a term most of us are familiar with in elementary school and beyond. As students, we’re taught what...

Flood Recovery Serviceship Program Launches Unique Partnership

First-of-its-kind partnership leads journalism students to document youth serviceship and post-flood repairs LINCOLN, Neb., May 29, 2019 –   DOWNLOAD PHOTOS HERE