Monday, October 18, 2021


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Husband and wife dancing while the members of a band play in the background.

Norfolk celebrates German heritage with Oktoberfest

Norfolk Area Chamber of Commerce hosted the 10th annual Oktoberfest Sept. 24-25. The event featured various activities such as live polka music,...
Band members of A Ferocious Jungle Cat play at Lincoln Calling.

Lincoln’s streets came alive at Lincoln Calling

Music and art unite the community while uplifting artists from Lincoln and across the U.S. Lincoln Calling is...
Art festival staff get paint for families to use.

Changing the stigma around street art, one festival at a time

Street art is controversial in many places.  It has been traditionally associated with vandalism when people create on surfaces...
People look at the firetruck at the Farmers Market

Children invited to tour firetrucks, sing songs and play music at farmer’s market

  The Union College Farmer’s Market invited Lincoln Fire & Rescue and music with Blue Raven Camp Kids & Jeff King for children on Sunday,...
Cody Grape speaks with a customer.

Artists share creations at Art in the Garden

Attendees stroll through the Sunken Garden dome to peek at art inside on Saturday, Sept. 11.  The theme was ‘Ruby Slippers’. Shoppers carried hand fans...
Helgoth's Melons and Produce stand at teh Haymarket Farmers' Market

Meet the vendors of the Haymarket Farmers’ Market

With coffee, churros, and a whole lot of melons, vendors come from across Nebraska to sell their products.
Rally participants stand in front of the Nebraska State Capitol holding up handmade signs facing the road.

Lincolnites rally to welcome Afghan refugees

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s Afghan Student Association organized an informative rally Sunday, Aug. 29, in front of the Nebraska State Capitol to...
UNL students stand outside of fraternity house

Students protest outside of UNL fraternity house after reported sexual assault

By Savannah Hamm and Drew Dahlson Hundreds gathered to protest in response to the sexual assault allegation that occurred...
Three-week-old baby goat inside the JAMS barn that practiced in its first yoga class on Saturday.

JAMS Goat Yoga jumped into their first class of spring

A Nebraska couple is offering what some might consider an unusual service for yoga enthusiasts. Art and Michelle Swoboda recently opened a new goat yoga...
A large gathering of people in a bar drinking beer and conversing.

COVID-19 vaccine celebrations are in full swing

As the COVID-19 vaccine becomes more available, people are gathering to celebrate “The O’s and the Others,” a former bowling team met in person for...