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A low-angle shot of a John Deere tractor cuts down a section of a hemp field, with razed stumps in the foreground and untouched stalks in the background.

State lawmakers deliberate bill that would loosen restrictions on hemp production

A new legislative bill is aiming to reduce the barriers to hemp production and research – and jumpstart Nebraska’s slumping hemp industry in the...
There's a man wearing glasses and a white, long-sleeved dress shirt with a tie scared of the W2 form behind him. Above the man are the words, "Tax Season is Upon Us!" that is in red and is bleeding down (like in scary movies).

Need help with your taxes? These resources could help

It’s that time of year again: Tax Return Season. Learn about the resources and documents you need to prepare for the April 18 deadline. Links...
Renderings of the Grand Island Casino Resort

Planned casino resort to bring changes to Grand Island

Grand Island may be best known as the home of the Nebraska State Fair, but someday soon, the Grand Island Casino Resort may get...
Delta-8 THC is the legal cousin to Delta-9, due to it being derived from hemp. Delta-8 can be sold if it contains less than 0.3% of illegal THC, with products ranging from vapes to edibles in storefronts such as 50 Shades of Green

Different police departments mean different punishments for having Delta-8 in your car

The organic buds of Delta-8 THC look exactly like its illegal cousin, but local law enforcement seems to have turned a blind eye to...
TheTicket's new home for the Spring 0f 2023

The Ticket finds a new home in the heart of downtown Lincoln

Downtown Lincoln will have a new addition with The Ticket moving to 11th and O St. The new location for the station will have...
State senatory for Nebraska's District 3, Carol Blood stands on the floor of the legislature, January 9, 2023

Human breast milk bank proposed in Nebraska for mothers and hospitals in need

A bill to bring a human breast milk bank to Nebraska would help give mothers and hospitals easier access to donated breast milk for...
A tablet screen that has a row of 3 blue buttons with the options $1, $2 and $3. The second row has two buttons, one with a "custom tip" option and a second with "no tip." To the right is a piece of white paper with a list of the teas the cafe offers.

The debate rages in Lincoln about tipping etiquette

Not getting tipped is nothing new to Crescent Moon employee Madeleine Bailey Friederichs, but she’s recently noticed a growing frustration on the other end...
A two story brick building on a clear day with a sign in front that reads, “Cambridge Public Schools, Central Office, Home of the Trojans.”

As the Legislature debates solutions, teacher shortage remains problem in rural Nebraska

Each fall, Jack Moles travels throughout Nebraska to meet with school superintendents and school board members as part of his role as executive director...