IMG 6573 scaled - An annual debate: When do the Christmas trees go up?

Halloween has officially passed, sparking the annual debate over when Christmas trees and jolly tunes can make their way back into our lives.

Every year, people take to social media debating whether the holiday season starts before or after Thanksgiving. Should your house be covered in tinsel and miniature Santa Clauses while you eat turkey and mashed potatoes?

Stores in Lincoln, such as Target and Gateway Mall, already have Christmas classics playing overhead and plenty of decorations for sale.

According to Aidan Chandler, sophomore biochemistry major, it’s still too early.

“I personally believe that once Thanksgiving is over is when it’s a good time to put up the Christmas tree,” Chandler said.

Chandler and his family typically put up their Christmas tree following the late November holiday, he said.

“I think if you listen to Christmas music before thanksgiving then that’s just wrong, but that’s just my take on the situation,” Chandler said.

A fellow biochemistry major, Andrew Kotopka, agreed.

According to Kotopka, Christmas deserves its own time of year and should not interrupt other holidays.

“Christmas is my favorite time of year because it just feels all around happier,” he said. “But it’s just special and it ruins the magic of Christmas when we we make it longer than it should be.”

While both Kotopka and Chandler take one side of the argument, Karinne Jury, a nursing student at Bryan College of Health Sciences, disagrees.

Jury was in the holiday spirit as soon as the clock hit midnight on Halloween and put her decorations up on Nov. 1. 

For Jury, putting Christmas decorations up early means having the chance to celebrate the holidays with her college roommate.

“Personally, I don’t believe that just because Thanksgiving is in the fall means that you have to have fall decorations out,” she said. “I just love the spirit and joy of Christmas.”

The iconic Christmas decorations debate may never be settled, but one thing is for sure, the holiday season is upon us.

Jenna Ebbers is a senior Journalism major at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.