Officer Mellissa Ripley
Officer Mellissa Ripley the Head of Lincoln Homelessness Coalition describes all of the services avalable to homeless people and the programs in place to help them with their situation.

Lincoln Homelessness Coalition Officer Melissa Ripley said more than 60 different organizations advocate for preventing homelessness

When walking down O Street in Lincoln, you see bars, students, people having a good time getting food, and thousands of cars driving by. One thing most people see but choose to block out is the many homeless people asking for spare change sitting on street corners holding signs. Many of these people are victims of loss of money, drugs, alcohol, mental illness, or they simply could be veterans that could not get their hold in today’s society. Homelessness is a problem that plagues people all over the world.

A problem that does not seem to be going away anytime soon. Yet, a little bit of light is shown through with the help of The Lincoln Homelessness Coalition, a collection of organizations and agencies aiding to help the fight against homelessness. Officer Melissa Ripley, the head of the Lincoln Homelessness Coalition, talked about the coalition’s efforts to reduce homelessness.