Holmes Elementary School in Lincoln, Nebraska.
Holmes Elementary School on a winter day. Photo by Nick Whyman/NNS

Winter weather has affected Nebraska school districts over the last several weeks, causing cancellations due to snow, frigid temperatures, and winter storms.  Some districts have traditional snow days, canceling school for students and staff. Other districts opt for remote-learning days to avoid the possibility of extending the school year.

Lincoln Lutheran is one of the schools that has continued to have remote-learning days during inclement weather. Lincoln Lutheran Superintendent Scott Ernstmeyer discusses how he met with teachers and staff to coordinate their remote-learning days. Ernstmeyer also discusses the equipment that is used by teachers and students in remote-learning classes.

Lincoln Public Schools chose to cancel school due to cold on Feb. 15, using the last of its five built-in closure days. Buffy Beerenstrauch, a second-grade teacher at Holmes Elementary school in Lincoln, discusses how increasing access to technology for elementary school children may be the final piece in doing away with snow days.

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