Six differently colored silouets of men are standing on what looks like a green piece of paper that has been torn at the top reavealing a cream background. A yellow silouetted man on the left is playing a trumpet and wearing a hat, a navy silouetted blue man is flexing his muscles, a light blue silouetted man is in football gear, an orange silouetted man is in an overcoat, a purple silouetted man is in a wheelchair, and a black silouetted man is standing in front with his arms raised as if shrugging.
The "What does it mean to Be a Man?" webinar took place on April 15, 2021, inviting male students and faculty members of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln to share their stories about what they believe it means to be a man. Photo courtesy of the UNL LGBTQA+ and Womens Center

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s LGBTQA+ & Women’s Center hosted a “What does it mean to Be a Man?” webinar April 15. Male students and faculty of UNL were encouraged to attend, share stories and discuss what they believe it means to be a man.

Derrick Gulley, program coordinator for the LGBTQA+ & Women’s Center, and Trenton Haltom, Ph.D. candidate in sociology, talk about the importance of letting men express their feelings publicly.


Tucker Focht is a senior Broadcast Production major at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. He also has a minor in History and Psychology.