Woman staring forward doing yoga pose on purple yoga mat in her living room
Brooke Gustafson traded her gym membership for an at-home workout routine. "I think I have become significantly more consistent with my workouts, even my attitude towards working out has improved". Photo Courtesy of Brooke Gustafson

More people are making the switch from in-person gyms and workout facilities to their living rooms.

Without gyms readily available, the health and fitness industry shifted drastically to accommodate people’s needs. 

Brooke Gustafson of Lincoln is one of many who swapped out her gym membership for personal home gym equipment. In doing so, she said she is less pressured to workout every day and is more consistent than before. Ian Zimmerman also offers advice for establishing a home fitness routine.


According to NPD Group, a research marketing firm “revenue from health and fitness equipment more than doubled to $2.3 billion between March and October 2020.”

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