Police officer talks to a man driving a truck
Photo Courtesy of Lincoln Police Department

While workplaces have changed drastically during the COVID-19 pandemic, officers at both the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Police Department and the Lincoln Police Department are facing challenges despite continuing their duties to serve and protect. Officers risk their own health for the safety of the public by tending to those who might be COVID-19 positive, to protect people. 

Sgt. Chris Vigil, a lead investigator for the Lincoln Police Department and John Backer, captain of Patrol Services for the UNL Police Department, discussed the difficulties they have faced as officers during the pandemic. Vigil and Backer also talked about changes they have made to protect themselves, their fellow officers, and the public. 


Chris Vigil, Sergeant, Lincoln Police Department
John Backer, Captain of Patrol Services, UNL Police Department 
Photo Courtesy of Lincoln Police Department 
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