Em Paquette high fives her Husky, Luna, who she is training to become her service dog.
Em Paquette high fives her dog, Luna, who is currently in training to become Paquette’s service dog. Photo courtesy of Em Paquette.

Em Paquette, a junior at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, is training her husky, Luna, to become her service dog. Once her training is complete, Luna will be able to help Paquette with her PTSD once her training is complete.

Chrystal Walter is the community outreach coordinator and assistant to the founder of Domesti-PUPS in Lincoln. While the process is not a short one, she said that it is “indescribable.”

Emma Hastings is a senior at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with a sports media and broadcast production double major and an environmental studies minor. She hopes to work in live sports production in the future. She is a video production intern for the Huskers and the Lincoln Saltdogs, and she enjoys traveling and spending time with friends & family in her free time.