Students ban together for climate change


On September 20th, the first of many weekly climate strikes took place on the steps of the Nebraska Capitol. Around 250 people gathered to protest the state’s handling of what many see to be a rising global crisis.

The climate strike was organized by Sustain UNL and inspired by activist Greta Thunberg. The organizers plan to meet every Friday in protest until Gov. Pete Ricketts creates a better climate change plan for the state.

The protesters are demanding:

  • Pass a state climate action plan
  • Transition to regenerative agriculture
  • Harness our renewable energy potential
  • Say no to the Keystone XL pipeline

Event organizer and Sustain UNL President Brittni McGuire said the deadline for Ricketts was Earth Day 2020.

“This doesn’t stop,” McGuire said. “Social media is where we are putting all of this stuff. We are calling representatives, we are writing letters. We keep that noise going.”

Brandon Thomas is currently studying journalism at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln and will graduate December 2019. His interests include music, art and environmentalism.