Each CliftonStrengths Chart looks different. This is why knowing your strengths is unique to you.
Confidence in yourself is important in the workplace. Knowing your strengths can spark confidence in every conversation.


Interviewees, employers and freshly graduated students can benefit from knowing their CliftonStrengths because each person is unique, according to two people involved in the program. According to Gallup's website, "29,596,147 people using their CliftonStrengths thrive at work and everywhere else." Knowing their strengths can help job seekers find the perfect fit between employer and employee, according to a UNL CliftonStrengths campus coordinator.

Caroline Franke is a senior at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln studying Sports Media & Communications and Broadcasting. This past summer, she was the Marketing and Fan Development intern for Sporting Kansas City, and she continues to gain experience in sports at HuskerVision here in Lincoln. She has a passion for marketing and corporate partnerships, with hopes to work for a sports organization in May.