Tik Toker male covered in tattoos stands in front of lit up buildings at night in Dubai.
Libregts, poses in front of buildings in the evening in Dubai. (photo courtesy of Libregts Instagram account @itainkokbro).

Who knew that a 15-second video of a “tattoo tour” of a 23-year-old man on TikTok could get over 3 million likes in 24 hours. 

But that’s what happened when Aaron Libregts, originally from the Netherlands, started posting videos as he talked to the camera about his obsession with his tattoos while lip-syncing and dancing with friends for fun in July 2020.

Now he’s a famous TikTok social media star who has amassed more than 2 million followers on the platform at the age of 24. Libregts travels between the Netherlands and Los Angeles, where he can be seen hanging around other TikTokers like Addison Rae, Emma Norts and Sam Dezz. 

Everyone has the potential to go viral on social media if they put in the effort, said Libregts, better known by his TikTok and Instagram username, @itaintokbro.

And some young creators in Lincoln would agree as they enjoy their success on the platform. 

Libregts finds what works for him is posting at least five to 10 videos a day. According to him, the more content, the better. 

“Honestly, everyone says be different, but on TikTok it’s all about doing what’s trending, copying each other, etc,”  Libregts said.

The tattooed e-boy (a subculture trend that started on TikTok in the late 2010) creates vlogs and other trending videos, such as, “glow-up” challenges (posting videos with photos of how people looked as children versus how they look now) that he enjoys sharing with his followers.

 “I’m trying to create funnier content, and content mixed with my interests and hobbies, like creating dances with my pals,” he said.

TikTok is full of different types of content creators like beauty vloggers, fitness people, singers/musicians, dancers, athletes and even people just lip-syncing to popular songs. 

Lincoln has young creators, similar to Libregts, who have also had some success. 

Hannah Mohler, a marketing student at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, started posting makeup tutorials on the app back in April 2020 and already has a little over 8,000  followers.

“There are people like Aaron who do TikTok as a career, then there are people like me who are working students but can still make some side money with creating videos they enjoy making,” Mohler said.

Mohler has received countless brand deals due to her makeup reviews and tutorials on TikTok. 

A brand deal is when a company will offer to send an influencer their product in return for a review. Companies often compensate the creator. Mohler has worked with companies such as NovaShine, Valentino makeup, MVMT and Alya Skincare.

“It is interesting being in marketing and being a creator because you really can see that consumers are interested in purchasing products micro-influencers review, like me and other people on TikTok, not celebrities,” Mohler said.

Mohler does not have a strict schedule when it comes to posting her videos. She said she likes to post her videos when she feels like it, usually in the evening, then closes the app an hour after posting. 

“There are many students in Lincoln who make TikTok videos for fun and end up making some type of profit and/or career off it,” Mohler said.

Another young creator, Trevor Fahnstorm, who attends Northern Illinois University, also believes that anyone can “blow up” overnight on the app.

Fahnstorm, a Chicago baseball content creator and actor, enjoys posting 10- to 15-second sports comedy videos.

“My advice to young creators like myself is to be yourself,” he said. “Find the things you’re passionate about, and make videos about them. Without passion, you won’t find the inspiration to make the videos.”