Dr. Sandra Monroe sits in her office
Dr. Sandra Monroe sits in her office on 1630 S 70th Street on Wednesday, March 30 in Lincoln, Nebraska.

The afterlife, spirits, different dimensions.

All are aspects of a psychic medium’s profession as they communicate with those who have died and close the gap between the living and the dead.

Stacie Bannon, a local psychic based in Omaha, has been practicing mediumship for almost 10 years. The strong intuitions that she had as a small child ultimately led to her career as a psychic medium. 

“When I was little, I always intuitively knew that there was more to it,” Bannon said, referring to her relationship with spirits. 

Bannon said that when she is giving a reading, she listens for information from her client’s master spirit guide. The intuitions and sudden feelings that humans get are your spirit guide trying to communicate with you, according to Bannon. 

“Your guardian angel is what psychics call a spirit guide,” Bannon said. “They can’t make you do anything, and they don’t want to but they do help you dodge bullets.”

Although seeing a psychic can feel intimidating, according to Bannon, no client should ever feel pressure to resonate with the reading that is given. She also emphasized that nerves and skepticism will not affect the accuracy of the reading.

“Write your questions down and just have an open mind,” Bannon said. 

Bannon offers psychic medium readings and mediumship readings. Both of these will connect a client with passed loved ones and a psychic medium reading will also validate certain things in a client’s life. 

“I get an enormous sense of purpose and satisfaction by sincerely helping people,” Bannon said.

Another Nebraskan psychic and retired chiropractor, Dr. Sandra Monroe from Nebraska City, talks about how she knew from a young age that she had a connection to the spirit world and that a visualization she put herself in 25 years ago ultimately led to her decision to do mediumship full-time.

This visualization was inspired by Sylvia Browne’s book “Contacting your Spirit Guide,” which was her intention going into this visualization. However, Monroe ended up connecting with multiple deceased people who had messages for their loved ones.

“I’ve always known that the deceased don’t go very far when they die,” Monroe said. “I have never been afraid of the spirit world. When I was young, I could see spirits and I could sense spirits.”

Monroe also described what a reading looks like from her point of view and how she connects with those from the spirit world using her inner eye. Using the inner eye allows an individual to see beyond normal consciousness.  

“You see with your inner eye, it’s almost like your imagination because they use the same connections in the brain,” Monroe said. “The spirit world is fully in charge, I can only receive information they decide to give me.”

Monroe offers different readings to her clients like private mediumships and life purpose and path readings. Mediumship services allow a client to connect with a loved one that has passed away and life purpose and path readings give a client validation about what their purpose is in life.

“I know that while my clients are here, they’re touched, they’re grateful and I know that there is some closure,” Monroe said. 

Monroe said many psychics will use their abilities for entertainment with the intent to wow an audience. However, Monroe said she uses her mediumship services to heal and help her clients find closure with their lost loved ones.

“I like to be here as a healer as opposed to an entertainer,” Monroe said. “It can be very healing to validate life purpose and path.”

Monroe sees hundreds of clients a year and said that clients should never be afraid of the spirit world. Spirits understand the harsh reality of being a human and never want to make life more difficult. 

“The people that cross over to the spirit world take the love and the joy and leave the rest behind,” Monroe said.

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