A young boy sits at a desk in XP League playing Fortnite in the dark.
A young gamer on May 6 participates in a Fortnite tournament in the XP League facility. Alexandra Carollo.

Hidden in a tiny nook in Omaha sits a new sporting facility dedicated to coaching young children in competitive esports. XP League opened on February 18 and has accumulated a small group of kids, ages 8 to 17, to kick off their grand opening. Not only has the Omaha location grown within the past months, the XP League franchise is also rapidly growing with over 30 locations across the United States.

League Commissioner Nick VanderWal explains why XP League came to Omaha and what it offers for not only the children but the parents as well. 

Noah Russell, coach at XP League, has been in the competitive esports community before college and explains why he would have benefited from an esports facility in his younger years. He also discusses what XP League focuses on when it comes to coaching younger and older kids and what else the facility offers.

XP League is important, not only because it gives children the opportunity to be in a competitive environment, and explore options within the gaming, but it also provides the space for prospective esports players to build their portfolio. 

Many high schools and colleges across Nebraska are expanding into esports, and like most sports, it requires portfolios for recruiting purposes. Ahman Green, lecturer and future head esports coach for the University of Nebraska-Licnoln, shares what exactly colleges are looking for in esports players and why it’s important for facilities like XP League to be available for kids who wish to pursue a career in esports. 

Alexandra Carollo is studying Journalism at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. While studying at UNL she works at The Daily Nebraskan as the Assistant Culture Editor as well as a Copywriter at Jacht.