The Local Underground

This is a three-part series in which Tarek Lawson interviews Lincoln artists about their work and what is happening in the Nebraska art scene.

Episode 1 | Javier Rivera

IMG 0296 300x200 - The Local Underground
Javier Rivera is a University of Nebraska-Lincoln art student who is a contemporary cubist painter. Photo by Tarek Lawson/NNS.

Javier Rivera, an art student at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, discusses his work as a contemporary cubist painter.


Episode 2 | Gannen Ingles

Facetune 09 02 2022 20 48 27 200x300 - The Local Underground
Gannen taking a seat on one of the sculptures she made. Photo courtesy of Gannen Ingles.

This week I talked to Gannen Ingles about a journey through mediums and how art could be perceived by different people.


Episode 3 | Reily Woodward

Local artist, Reily Woodward, takes us through another medium of art — pencil drawings — and how pop culture can affect artists.