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This 4-part podcast explores how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the already existing housing crisis in Nebraska. Each episode will focus on a different aspect of the housing crisis such as attorneys covering eviction court cases and landlords figuring out how to maintain their tenants housed during the health crisis.

Episode 1: The problem

Nebraska’s housing crisis has been occurring for several years before Covid-19. However, the pandemic has brought to light the reality of this crisis in the state. This episode provides listeners with an overview of how evictions have been impacted during the pandemic from a legal and economic perspective.

Episode 2: Attorneys to the rescue 

The pandemic has increased the number of evictions and eviction court cases throughout Nebraska. This episode will discuss what attorneys in the state are doing to provide guidance and representation to tenants during eviction court.

Episode 3: Power in collaboration

Advocates and leaders from local and statewide organizations are collaborating to solve the housing crisis in Nebraska. Shawn Ryba, Executive Director of South of Downtown Community Development Organization and Matthew Cavanaugh, Executive Director of Nebraska Housing Developers Association discuss the “SPEAK UP” initiative and their work with housing rights.

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