NU flag girl
Two members of the Nebraska color guard proudly hold flags during the University of Nebraska Cornhusker Marching Band’s halftime performance in Memorial Stadium on Sept. 28, 2019 in Lincoln, Neb. Photo by Allie Snow

Name: Allie Snow

Age: 21

Hometown: Chicago, Ill.

Current Residence: Lincoln, Neb.

Birth Date: December 3, 1997

Major(s): Broadcasting and sports media and communication

Clubs/Activities: National Society of Collegiate Scholars and KRNU

Life and General Interest Profile:

Some inspirational questions for the lifestyle/general interest section:

  • Single/steady/hitched: Steady
  • Who is in your crew? I have a group of friends that have been tight since freshman year. We’re all outgoing and loud.
  • Biggest inspiration: Career-wise, I love Cari Champion. She’s the definition of black excellence in TV and sports. I’m also a fan of Nipsey Hussle. He did so much for his community and had a huge influence on the NBA and sports in general.
  • What’s the best advice you’ve ever heard? Get comfortable being uncomfortable.
  • Favorite social media platform, and why? Twitter, because the tweets make me laugh, and everyone on it tweets about how their life is a mess. It’s too relatable.

Fill in the blank –

  • Three things people don’t know about me are… I hate cats, I was in a Buffalo Wild Wings commercial and I’m adopted.
  • My most memorable class/assignment was… Spanish 101. I met my best friend!
  • If I didn’t go to college, I’d probably be… traveling everywhere.
  • A funny story about me… there’s way too many.
  • I’m obsessed about… cleaning. I’m a clean freak.
  • I escape from the grind of college by…online shopping or working out.
  • If I could ride with anyone from past or present, it would be…Kobe Bryant and Barack Obama.
  • When I hit shuffle on my iPod, I hope I hear… Future!
  • One word to describe me is… outgoing.
  • Favorite workout: Step-ups!
  • What workout do you dread? Squats.
  • What’s in your meal prep? Ground turkey, brown rice and broccoli. I eat that probably 3x a week, but I ruin it by sprinkling cheese all over it.
  • Favorite cheat meal? Chick-fil-A

Four-Year Season Recap: Allie enjoys staying busy, and never turns down opportunities that will help her in her future career. During her time at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Allie has been involved with the student radio station, KRNU. She has served as the play by play and color commentator for Nebraska men’s and women’s basketball, volleyball and football. Her experiences landed her internships at the Big Ten Network, HuskerOnline, KETV and a job at The Daily Nebraskan.

Social Channels:

Facebook – Allie Snow
Twitter – alliejsnow
Instagram – alliejsnow