The Nebraska 'N' peaks through the trees in Lincoln, Neb. on Sept. 26, 2019. Photo by: Bradley Frandsen.

Name: Austin Oerman

Age: 21

Hometown/Residence: Lincoln, Neb.

Birth Date: June 29, 1998

Majors: Broadcasting and sports media communication

Minors: Communications and business

Clubs: CoJMC Student Advisory Board, University Lutheran Chapel

Activities/Jobs: KRNU Sports Director, Husker Sports Network producer, Daily Nebraskan sportswriter and podcast host, NCard Office student worker, Holle Lawn Aerating Softball

Lifestyle and general interest profile: Well, you already know everything somewhat interesting about him from the other stuff … his dream jobs are color announcing for a radio network or hosting a sports talk radio show in or around the greater Nebraska area. It’s gotta be radio, as his face wasn’t necessarily built for television, but his vocal cords were more built for radio. He hopes his analysis of sports is thoughtful and driven by numbers while remaining personable and relatable. Peruse his Twitter to get a sense of how he thinks and processes games and see if you like his analysis and sense of humor.

Four-Year Recap: College has been quite the time. Some things have gone exactly to plan, others haven’t. Without the J-School, he wouldn’t be where he is today, and he wouldn’t be who he is today. He has tried to use college as his personal laboratory, trying new things and finding his voice for when he graduates in May.

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