Zach Markon sits in the College of Journalism and Mass Communications in Andersen Hall on the college of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

After taking a year off from school, Eagan, Minn. native, Zach Markon, started his decorated production career in the College of Journalism and Mass Communications at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 2016.

He was initially looking at going into theater but following a class he took at Eagan High called “Eagan AM,” he knew he wanted to go into journalism and broadcasting. His high school counselor was the one who encouraged him to look into UNL.

Markon started his journalism experience at The Daily Nebraskan as a sports reporter during his freshman year. Sophomore year, he continued to work for The Daily Nebraskan as a sports editor and added on a job at HuskerVision.

Getting a job at HuskerVision solidified his decision about working in-house for the athletic department. He enjoyed this more than working for an outside network.

“I have worked with ESPN, Big Ten Network, FOX, FS1 and really didn’t like the constant travel. It is a lot of work and a lot of stress to be out on the road all of the time,” Markon said.

He currently works as head replay operator for the Huskers women’s gymnastics team in his role at HuskerVision. Markon gets the opportunity to work closely with the team and even goes to road meets with them as well.

He recently traveled to UCLA this past January, loving his time in Los Angeles. He also has gone to New York City with the team for the meet at Rutgers University.

“It’s an interesting experience traveling with the team because I am a staff member for the team but also a classmate with the athletes. It is fun seeing these cool places with a great group of girls and staff,” he said.

Markon is currently working on a project in his capstone course for his sports media and communication major. He is the production specialist for the new brand that his capstone course started called UNLimited Sports. His project is called “NCAA University: A look at the High School recruiting process.”

In this project that will feature a series of audio clips from athletes, parents of athletes and even sports psychologists, he is hoping to increase the knowledge and awareness of what high school athletes go through in the recruiting process.

He thought of doing this story because of an experience he had during signing day.

“While I was helping put together national signing day content, I turned on the TV to ESPN and saw the same players on TV and figured they had a lot going on. All that they go through gets swept under the rug a lot.”

Markon is diving into what it is like to juggle graduation, talking to college coaches, maintaining good grades and all of the other factors high school athletes must balance out during the recruiting process. He is looking into focusing his project on high school football athletes and possibly other sports as well.

Once Markon graduates in May of 2020, he will be looking at similar roles to what he does with HuskerVision. Right now, he is eyeing Temple University and Northwestern University as possible landing spots.

He has a deep passion for working with athletic departments, so he knows that is what he will end up doing.

“It is cool to see everything come together. After spending a couple of hundred hours on an intro video, it is cool to see the final product,” Markon said about his passion. “This is certainly not a stress-free job, but it is something I truly enjoy.”