Memorial Stadium east entrance with the name above the arch on Friday, September 27, 2019 in Lincoln, Neb. Photo by Colby Becker.

Name: Colby Becker

Age: 21

Hometown: Clarkson, Neb.

Current Residence: Lincoln, Neb.

Birth Date: April 19, 1998

Major: Sports media and communication

Minors: Psychology and sociology

Lifestyle and General Interest Profile:
The biggest inspiration in my personal life is my dad. I strive every day to be half as selfless and hard-working as him. Professionally, Zach Lowe, senior NBA writer for ESPN is who I would say is my inspiration.

Twitter is my favorite social media platform to use. As a sports nerd, it’s where I consume the majority of my sports content. Breaking news comes through Twitter first, and I love being a part of the conversations within the community that is #NBATwitter.

Four-Year Season Recap:

Becker started college at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in the fall of 2016. He began his college career as a broadcasting major but always had his sights set on the sports side. Sophomore brought some change, including switching his major to the newly-created sports media and communication major and starting work as a video production intern for HuskerVision, which is responsible for the production of all things video for Huskers sports. Becker operated an on-field camera in the 2017 football season. In the winter, he operated a camera under the basket for women’s basketball, as well as continuing his studies in the sports media and communication major. The summer of 2018 brought another new internship, this time with Hudl, a sports software company headquartered in Lincoln. Starting his junior year in the fall of 2018, Becker continued interning with both HuskerVision and Hudl. He again filmed for football and also made a move to men’s basketball for HuskerVision. By the end of that school year in spring 2019, Becker had made a decision to take a bigger class load during the upcoming year in order to graduate a semester early in December of 2019. With that, Becker also made a decision to leave HuskerVision and focus on the increased class workload and just one internship with Hudl. Now, Becker has continued working at Hudl and is part of his senior capstone course which involves contributing to UNLimited Sports, a startup run by students at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Social Channels: