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Frost Says Husker Football Has Had 6 COVID-19 Cases Since April

Nebraska Football Head Coach Scott Frost on sideline of game against the University of Colorado in 2018.
Huskers Football Coach Scott Frost (courtesy Huskers.com)

Scott Frost announced today that five players and one staff member have tested positive since student athletes started returning to campus in April. UNL has tested around 250 staff and student-athletes, with eight positive tests. Nebraska had previously not announced COVID-19 testing numbers for the athletic program.

Frost released the information to reporters from the Omaha World Herald and Lincoln Journal Star.

“As other schools decided to release that information, we’ve been talking for a month for doing an interview like this because we want Nebraskans to feel like we did this in a safe way,” Frost said.

Three of the positive tests happened upon arrival, while the other three contracted it from the community. Frost stressed that the players who tested positive were quarantined and that “We’re very sure, as sure as you can be, that those people didn’t spread it in the community.”

According to Frost, the players who tested positive exhibited mild symptoms with one player experiencing loss of taste, and another a one-day fever.

Nebraska is still going forward with practice, while keeping player safety in mind.

“We have a lot of ground still to cover,” Frost said. “Everybody getting their kids back is kind of the point where we’re at right now. But we still have to figure out a lot of things. There will have to be a lot decisions made as things happen.”