Ann Grimshaw has a lot more time now.
“I have a lot more time now since my softball season at Queens College was canceled and gyms are closed. I spend more time doing any type of physical activity I can — mostly running.” - Ann Grimshaw, age 20, New York

The coronavirus has impacted people and all sorts of organizations across the world as sports as we know it have come to a halt, and college classes have gone online. I reached out to three respondents from my survey on college students’ opinions about the Super Bowl halftime show to see how they’ve been impacted by these unprecedented and drastic changes in their lives. I asked six questions to learn about their lives during quarantine and social distancing. While different areas of the United States have felt the effects of COVID-19 more harshly than others, a lot of people are feeling and going through the same things.

  1. How has the coronavirus impacted your daily life?

Routines have been disrupted.

“It’s kept me from keeping a normal routine and being able to see my friends. But I don’t go out that much, so it hasn’t done that much yet aside from cancel my spring break plans to go visit my parents in Houston.” – Victoria Rojas, age 21, Nebraska

“Being from New York, it has been a very real and immediate risk posed on me and my family. I have rearranged my whole lifestyle. Life used to be so normal, and now all my daily routines are thrown off, and I don’t know how to adjust quickly enough to them!” – Andrew Colgan, age 20, New York

“I have a lot more time now since my softball season at Queens College was canceled and gyms are closed. I spend more time doing any type of physical activity I can — mostly running.” – Ann Grimshaw, age 20, New York

  1. How can we all help one another during this crisis?

Be there for each other.

“Be supportive of one another, and stay in if you’re feeling sick. Also, keep up with friends to show that you’re there for them.” – Victoria Rojas

“We can be generous and not hoard things we don’t need. We can try to make people laugh in any way possible.” – Andrew Colgan

“Respect social distancing, and check in on friends and see how they’re doing mentally and physically.” – Ann Grimshaw

  1. What does the term “social distance” mean to you?

Keeping yourself and others safe.

“Social distance is when you keep away from others outside of essential activities like getting food or groceries. Depending on where you’re at, people take this term more or less seriously. In bigger cities, it’s a bigger deal because there are so many people and the chances of getting sick are higher.” – Victoria Rojas

“Social distancing means to stay safe from diseases, and protecting ourselves from becoming infected with a virus we don’t know much about.” – Andrew Colgan

“It means respecting people’s personal space. When I hear ‘social distancing,’ I think of the Vine of two men sitting in a hot tub and it says ‘Two bros chillin’ in a hot tub, five feet apart ‘cause they’re not gay.’” – Ann Grimshaw

  1. How are you doing? What’s going on with you?

Doing OK, but focusing on school is hard.

“Personally, I’m a bit of a homebody/introvert so staying home isn’t that big of a deal for me. However, getting the motivation to do school work is very difficult as is focusing on it. While I miss my friends, I think we’re lucky to have the technology we do have to keep in touch with them daily as well as keep ourselves entertained.” – Victoria Rojas

“It’s hard to deal with all the distractions of home while also trying to put my best effort into school.” – Andrew Colgan

“I am doing fine; not much is going on.” – Ann Grimshaw

  1. What does your home life look like?

It’s different for everyone.

“I am lucky that I’m spending quarantine with my boyfriend. If I had to go home with my parents, I’d probably be going insane. But being with someone I’m so close to makes it seem like it’s not as bad as it is.” – Victoria Rojas

“Everyone’s home, and space is cramped. I sit outside a lot.” – Andrew Colgan

“My home life is pretty much the same as it has been. I spend all my free time running on my treadmill, rearranging stuff in the house or cooking.” – Ann Grimshaw

  1. How have the effects of coronavirus on sports impacted you?

It’s changed even day-to-day life.

“My household is all boys, so they’re disappointed not being able to watch sports. To occupy our time, we have been playing beer die instead. As a joke, I made beer die themed door decorations to brighten up the house.” – Victoria Rojas

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“Sports were my life. I don’t know how to converse with my friends anymore, it’s practically all we talked about. I have been playing sports video games though.” -Andrew Colgan

“I can’t play softball, so I have too much free time and nothing to watch on TV because that’s all I watch.” – Ann Grimshaw

Broadcast Production and Sports Media student at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln from Long Island, New York