Coleman(above) getting ready to announce his commitment with his family.

Malachi Coleman, local four-star recruit from nearby Lincoln East, had Georgia, Oregon, Oklahoma, Ole Miss, USC, and Michigan as options for his commitment. Coleman chose to come to Nebraska due to his relationship with Coach Joseph. 

“I don’t trust very many people, that’s just me, personally,” Coleman said after his announcement. “When you can earn my trust like that, you can get my family behind you, get me behind you, of course I want to come play for you. That relationship I have with Mickey and this coaching staff is untouchable.”

In what seemed like seconds after his commitment, that same man who was the primary factor behind Coleman’s choice was calling via facetime to congratulate him. Coleman also said Coach Joseph said, “Hey we’re gonna turn this s*** around.” 

Coleman, who is committed as an athlete due to his ability to not only push the ball down the field as a receiver, but also his ability to rush the passer off the edge, had this to say about his position under Coach Joseph, “To be honest it doesn’t really matter to me, Mickey told me he could play me on offense, go catch a touchdown, then when third down comes he can send me to rush the passer on defense. I love that.”

Many at the ceremony spoke to Coleman’s character, from his track coach, high school counselor, and his parents. They spoke of his dedication and grit, with his mother, Miranda Coleman having high praise for the young man. 

“[We adopted] a boy who was angry at the world, trusted no one, and was resigned to not really being anything,” Miranda said. “Now look at the man sitting at this table.”

Coleman said those words meant a lot to him. “I don’t want to just be known as a football player, I want to be able to go out into the community, and help everyone that I can.”

Despite Coleman’s high praise of Coach Joseph, there is still a question regarding his head coaching status going into next season, when asked about that, Coleman said, “Mickey’s gonna be here and I know that, so that is why I am here.”