On episode two of industry inquiries, I talked with Sean Callahan with Huskers Online about reporting on the Huskers. He talks about the Nebraska Football fanbase and its obsession with the team, along with how to treat social media as a prominent figure in a demanding market.

In the episode, Callahan mentions that as a reporter you have to be able to let angry social media fans be. Additionally, it was thought-provoking when Callahan uses an analogy by saying you shouldn’t “grab a gun and fight in the war, report on the war,” when reporting on controversy within the program.

Aaron Bonderson is a Senior Sports Media and Communications major at UNL's College of Journalism. Bonderson grew up in rural Nebraska near a small town, called Hoskins, which is between Wayne and Norfolk in Northeast Nebraska. He's helped with sports broadcasts and announcing on UNL's student radio station, 90.3 KRNU. Now, Bonderson works with the UNLimited Sports Experience Lab at the college.