Excitement builds as the University of Nebraska-Lincoln sets to host College Gameday for the first time since 2007 on Saturday, Sept. 28, 2019 in Lincoln, Neb. Photo by John Strasheim

Name:  John Strasheim

Age:  20

Hometown:  Milwaukee, Wis.

Current Residence:  Lincoln, Neb.

Birth Date:  04/28/1999

Major(s):  Accounting

Lifestyle and General Interest Profile:

John has been interested in sports and sports stats since he was five years old.  He never saw a statistic on SportsCenter that he didn’t like. He’s kept interested in that field and enjoys writing about sports stats as well as coding.

John lives by a motto from one of his former high school teachers: “Hard work, done right, feels good.”

Four-Year Season Recap:

John worked for the Milwaukee Bucks of the NBA in high school in their player operations department. In this position, he got to work with NBA players and coaches in pre-game workouts and helped them equipment as well. John moved to Nebraska at the end of high school, and since then has pursued a degree in accounting and will be interning with Ernst & Young next summer in Minnesota, working in their financial services assurance department.

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