Esports is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. So far, 175 colleges and universities offer partial or full scholarships for esports. The state of Nebraska has two of those 175 schools: Midland and Bellevue University. The University of Nebraska-Lincoln started embracing the esports culture not only by hiring professors well-versed in the field but also introducing an intramural program filled with esports tournaments. Students participating in esports intramurals tournaments say: “The support was awesome” and “Overall, the tournaments were run very well.”

Midland has more than just intramurals, however. The school rewards esports student competitors with scholarships. With 28 players across six games, Midland has its hands in a little bit of everything.

In conclusion, it is time for UNL to catch up and make esports succeed around here. Don’t believe the interest part? One of Twitch’s biggest streamers lives in Omaha. Dr. Lupo routinely holds a top 50 spot on Twitch’s most subbed list.